How Americans live without a shower with a soft hose

America is a highly civilized country, developed and giving comfortable living conditions to its citizens. But some features of the life of Americans make our compatriots wonder how you can live here comfortably. I also asked this question when I began to study the oddities of American life. Even the smallest details can vary considerably in our countries. That the American is good, the Russian is completely incomprehensible and uncomfortable. One of these inconveniences is the American shower.

Soul features in America

The first inconvenience faced by a European or Russian who has arrived in the United States is in the shower. Everything here is very uncomfortable and devoid of comfort. Plumbing in this country is actually miserable, so it’s best to immediately prepare for the worst.

There are several features of a standard soul in America:

  • adjustment of temperature and pressure (in most bathrooms in the USA there is one small lever that simultaneously controls both the pressure and the temperature of the water flow; a person will not be able to take a hot shower and not splash around a lot of splashes around him);
  • a stationary shower (a short, rigidly fixed "flyer" that sticks out of the wall and is absolutely motionless; such a shower device results in a person receiving a jet of stagnant water right in the face immediately after switching on);
  • the absence of a soft hose (in American plumbing there is no concept of an elongated flexible hose that holds a shower head; to get a familiar shower, the guest of the country will have to worry about replacing plumbing with a European model).

Important! In the bathrooms of most American homes there are many unusual things to us. Plumbing is especially strongly attracted the views and discontent of visiting citizens.

In addition, the bath is usually equipped with a small tap with a button. With this button you can block the drain hole and type in the bath water. But often the button is simply loosened, not allowing to fill the bath, constantly losing water into the tube.

How to do without an elongated soft hose?

The absence of a soft hose, which allows you to take the diffuser in your hands and apply it in close proximity to the body during a shower, is completely absent in American showers. To get a similar device, Russians or Europeans have to change the plumbing in the shower, after having bought such a hose.

It is noteworthy that the Americans themselves do not suffer from the absence of such an important part of the bathroom. They are used to taking showers often and do not see the problem. Russians, on the other hand, are accustomed to using a bidet or a soft shower hose after using the toilet, for example. Lack of it in the bathroom is a real problem.

To wash off the dirt, you have to wash in the shower completely, including the head. It is very inconvenient when you need to take a shower quickly and go on business again. In this case, in order to give your hair a proper look, you will have to use a hairdryer and other devices,.

Important! The lack of a soft hose can be compensated by installing a bidet in the bathroom. But this is not available to everyone. In some bathrooms, a large number of plumbing just does not fit.

In addition, the bidet and other devices in America did not take root. They are not popular and are rarely used in interiors. Usually they are installed on an individual order, which is very expensive.

Other oddities of the American bathroom

Another feature of the bathroom in the US is the separate position of the bath and shower. In many homes, the bath is located in a secluded corner or in the middle of the room, depending on the style of the interior, and in it you can find only a small tap that should fill the bath with water.

In one of the corners is a shower with a stationary shower. Both objects are located at a decent distance from each other, and there is no way to go from the bath to the shower and back without disturbing the cleanliness of the room. That is, a person, after sitting in a foam bath, will fairly inherit, if he is going to go into the shower in order to wash off the soap.

Also in the bathroom is usually located toilet. This item is a unique item. In America, toilets are usually half filled with water, and it constantly seems that it is about to spill over. In addition, the toilet bowls are noisy when draining water into them.

I can say for sure that a Russian person in a classic American bathroom will be very uncomfortable. Even a detail that is not important at first glance as a door opening into the interior of the room can significantly complicate life in America for a person from Russia.

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