Where in the kitchen should be a trash can

A trash can is an integral, and at the same time the most nondescript piece of kitchen interior. In most homes, it is located in a closed locker under the sink, but the rules of feng shui are recommended to treat the choice of place for the garbage can more responsibly. Such factors as the amount of free space in the kitchen, interior design and personal preferences affect the choice of a bin space.

How to choose a cutting board

Cutting board is one of the most needed items in the kitchen. Without it, it is impossible to cut bread or make a sandwich, crumble a salad or fry potatoes. No, of course, all this can be done on a plate or countertop. But why such sacrifices, when it’s easier to buy an ordinary cutting board, or rather a few.

How to make a chair out of paper

A small stool made of paper can be used as a decoration or a toy in a makeshift dollhouse. You can do this craft for 15-20 minutes. To make it, you need only a piece of paper or cardboard and a little patience. Simple origami paper chair patterns A miniature chair is easy to craft using the origami technique.

What is a spring snake in sofas

When choosing a sofa, we pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to the filling - the spring block. The convenience of furniture directly depends on its type: softness, density, elasticity. The most common type of filler is a snake. And what else exist? Varieties of spring blocks in the couch Different types of springs are installed in the upholstered furniture, which differ in properties, parameters and price.

Joint of laminate and linoleum

Often there are times when we need to stack materials of different heights (linoleum and laminate). In modern times, this is possible thanks to the sills. There are several varieties, so you need to choose, taking into account the characteristics of the coating. How to properly join the laminate and linoleum For joining, the thresholds are needed.

Do-it-yourself palace

To give the interior a finished look, rugs are often used, they allow you to emphasize some details favorably, give the room a cozy atmosphere. Such a part can be easily made with your own hands, if you have a desire. How to make a do-it-yourself rug In order to create a small rug, you do not need to spend a lot of time.