Competent care for dishes with non-stick coating

Expensive dishes require special care and proper handling during cooking. Only in this way it will serve for many years and will remain in its original form. Frying pans with non-stick coating are especially capricious in terms of the impact of aggressive detergents and the use of certain dishes during cooking. That is why such dishes should be handled as carefully as possible and follow the basic rules of careful use.

What is non-stick cookware?

Teflon pans are a convenient dish for cooking. They have a smooth coating that does not require the addition of a large amount of oil during frying so that the products do not burn. In this case, the pan is quite easy and simple to clean.

Important! Teflon dishes are safe even as long as they are not exposed to too high temperatures. Then from the coating substances are released that are dangerous for the body carcinogens.

To be sure of the safety of the pan, you need to monitor its heating during cooking. Do not heat an empty pan, as this leads to too rapid heating to extreme temperatures. It is not recommended to use abrasives during cleaning and to change pans every two years.

Teflon surface is good during the slow cooking of your favorite dishes, gradually heating and maintaining a constant temperature. It is also recommended to always use the hood, so less likely that dangerous vapors get into the food.

Basic principles of careful use

To cookware served for a long time and looked like the day of purchase, you need to properly and carefully take care of it and use. For this there are a number of basic rules:

  • the use of wooden or silicone utensils (spoons, ladles, forks and other utensils that come into contact with the pan should not be metal, otherwise they may leave scratches on the non-stick surface);
  • heat without oil (you can only put the pan on the fire after you put some vegetable oil in it, so no harmful substances will get into the food);
  • too much fire (the teflon surface does not like fast and extreme heating to high temperatures, it is better to observe a medium or low heat and a constant temperature);
  • sour foods (it is not necessary to cook too sour dishes in a non-stick frying pan, they negatively affect the coating, destroying it).

Important! The coating needs careful care and regular proper washing, as well as high-quality storage. This will help extend the life of the nonstick cookware.

If the hostess is not sure that she will be able to comply with all the rules of careful use of such a frying pan, it is better to purchase other alternatives. The fact is that substances secreted by a frying pan when used improperly have a negative effect on the body and health. To avoid this, you can purchase a conventional cast iron skillet.

Care rules

Washing such dishes in a dishwasher is strictly prohibited. This also applies to models on which it is indicated that it can be done. Exposure to too hot water and aggressive detergents very quickly wears out a unique surface.

Wash the pan after cooking should be immediately, leaving the food in the pot, we expose our body to danger. It is better to use ordinary detergent and a soft sponge for washing. They perfectly remove stains and dirt. After washing, wipe the surface thoroughly with a towel and store it in a drawer.

Teflon dishes troublesome in terms of care, but it gives excellent results during cooking. Dishes are tasty and do not stick to the surface. Any housewife will appreciate the practicality of such equipment.

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