How much does a gas stove weigh

A modern kitchen is most often equipped with various kitchen appliances and household appliances. The most popular and relevant appliances for the kitchen is the stove. Usually experienced housewives prefer gas stoves. They are more economical in operation, they allow you to quickly cook various dishes on gas.

The choice of a gas stove is a crucial step for every housewife. Women usually care about how their new home appliances will look. Men are interested in the dimensions and weight of the equipment. Dimensions will depend on the brand and model of the device.

Old sample

Instances of the old model from different manufacturers are not much different from each other. The dimensions of a standard Soviet stove are 55 cm wide and 65 cm deep. The average weight is 30-40 kg. The maximum figure does not reach more than 50 kg. Typically, the stove has 4 gas burners and one oven compartment.

Modern representatives

Gas stoves from modern manufacturers are famous for their diversity and a large selection of different variations. The most popular include:

  • Tourist. They are famous for their uniqueness, as it is convenient to take them on a camping trip or fishing. On average, their price is about 1000 - 1500 rubles, dimensions 175x200x100 mm. This weighs no more than 1.5 kg. The stove goes without an oven, only 1-2 rings;
  • Homework. Dimensional samples are installed in houses or apartments. They have parameters of 650x650x800 mm. Their weight reaches up to 45 kg. It depends on the material from which it is made, the number of burners and the presence / absence of the oven.

The main plus of modern models is the lighter weight, there is gas control, cast-iron grilles. In addition, they fit perfectly into any room interior.

Owners of small kitchens should pay attention to miniature models of gas stoves. Most often, they go separately from the oven and are built into the kitchen structure. On average, the weight of such a plate is 20-25 kg. Such household appliances do not have big differences from bulky options. They are equipped with the same functions and have the same number of burners (1 to 4).

The weight of the equipment depends on its size. The larger the model, the more powerful it is. You should also consider the material from which it is made. Today, gas stoves are made of enameled, stainless steel and tempered glass.

The type of cooking grid affects weight. For gas stoves, iron and steel gratings are made. Cast iron will be heavier, but will also last much longer than steel. Plus, we also do not forget about the depth and filling of the gas oven. If additional grilles, a grill, etc. are built into it, then the weight can also be large.

The dimensions of household appliances are influenced by many factors, ranging from occupancy to material production. Sometimes even a small plate can weigh several times more than a large sample. Therefore, it is not always necessary to determine the weight only by appearance.

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