How to assemble a sofa “Eurobook”

Sofas with folding mechanism "Eurobook" are quite popular among customers. Due to the lack of complicated mechanisms, the furniture is laid out easily. The front part extends, while in its former place an empty space is formed. Then the back of the sofa must be lowered horizontally in the resulting free space. Then the sofa can be operated.

After the acquisition and delivery of upholstered furniture, the question arises about its high-quality assembly. How to assemble a sofa with the Eurobook mechanism on your own? For such purposes, manufacturers enclose detailed instructions with parts descriptions and assembly diagrams in packaged structural elements.

What tools will be needed to assemble the Eurobook sofa?

In order to perform quality work, it is necessary to stock up on a set of tools and materials:

  • Wrench, adjustable wrenches;
  • Furniture stapler, adhesive tape;
  • Screwdrivers of various types;
  • Fasteners included in the basic package.

The nuances of the work

In any workflow there are subtleties that it is desirable to consider. When assembling furniture yourself, you should pay attention to a number of recommendations:

  1. It is recommended to assemble the furniture with an assistant, because of the bulky design.
  2. After the sofa is delivered, all the elements are carefully inspected for defects (scratches, factory defects), you need to compare the color tones of the elements by similarity, check the external condition of the material. Check the number of components declared in the instructions with their real availability. Check the operation and durability of all movable mechanisms, there should also be no creaking.
  3. In the case of mounting an angular sofa (right-handed, left-handed), additionally mark the frame, armrests, seats, and backrest.
  4. Fastening nuts during assembly work need only be “baited”, after a full check of the functioning of the folding mechanism, it must be firmly pulled out with a screwdriver.
  5. During assembly, do not sit or place heavy objects on the original structure.
  6. Observe accuracy and accuracy in connections and fasteners. If the parts are skewed or lack symmetry, their incorrect operation is possible. Additional weight load during further use will aggravate the situation, resulting in a breakdown.

IMPORTANT! There should be no children at the assembly place. Tools and small fasteners can fall into the hands of a child!

Assembly sequence

How to assemble a sofa “Eurobook”? After inspection and confidence in the suitability of the components of the sofa with the Eurobook mechanism, you can proceed to the main stages of installation. The process is time consuming, requiring special care.

Guaranteed high-quality assembly of furniture can provide an independent master, for a fee. But, if you have temporary financial difficulties, or you are sure of your professionalism, then feel free to start the process.

The first stage begins with the assembly of the lower part (base), which is considered a support. First, it is worth screwing the legs and rotating wheels. When the base is ready, proceed to the rest of the parts.

The second stage is the assembly of the armrests and the main part. The armrests are assembled in series, fastened with screws. Then the finished elements are fixed to the base. Next, the frame is assembled and the seat is put.

The third stage is the final one. The back of the sofa is mounted on bolts and nuts. After the seat, pillows are installed. The main seat is installed strictly at right angles, while it is fixed to the sidewalls.

The article sets out the nuances that you need to pay attention to when assembling a sofa with the Eurobook mechanism yourself, as well as the correct sequence of actions.

Watch the video: Sofa Yuval from the company Ukrizramebel unpacking, assembly. (December 2019).


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