Parquet laying methods

Parquet is considered one of the most beautiful and expensive types of flooring. Using individual lamellas, you can create a unique ornament. Parquet helps to give the room additional comfort and provide warmth in the room. Experts note several options for how to lay the lamellas on the rough floor, while each master chooses the method that is suitable not only for convenience, but also for the characteristics of the room.

How to lay the parquet? Important aspects

First of all, the technique for installing lamellas depends on the type of rough coating on which the dies will be laid. There are three options:

  • concrete screed;
  • lags;
  • rough floor.

To lay the floor on a concrete floor, it is necessary to provide for a lot of parts, including a reliable layer of waterproofing. First, the surface is carefully primed with a special adhesive.

Important! The properties of the primer are such that it needs to dry for 8 hours after application. It is forbidden to continue construction work before the indicated time.

Then you need to lay moisture-proof sheet plywood. It is laid in such a way that there are 5 mm gaps between the material. The horizontal position of the material to be laid should be checked with a level so that subsequently the finish coating is even and free of drops.

Parquet dies are installed on stacked level sheets. Before laying it, the surface is coated with a special adhesive or the lamellas are fastened with a special tool that fastens the panel with nails to the laid plywood.

Putty and hinging are no less important procedures for the installation of this floor covering. This is an important part of the work, because only after the completion of the process will the floor look perfect. At first, looping is carried out using a special apparatus. It removes small cracks, dirt and bumps that could remain after installation.

Then the entire surface of the floor must be puttied so that there are no gaps in the surface of the floor covering. For the color matching of the floor with the coating, you need to mix the purchased putty with wood dust. In this case, the parquet will look natural and very beautiful.

Important! The procedure for puttying and hinging the floor is carried out no earlier than a week after laying the lamellas. During this time, the tree "gets used" to the room temperature and undergoes thermal deformation.

Materials and tools for laying parquet

Laying parquet is quite painstaking work, requiring certain skills and a set of tools. For the correct connection of the lamellas and surface preparation, you will need:

  • hammer;
  • nails of different sizes;
  • marker or thick pencil;
  • roulette;
  • a small saw;
  • jigsaw;
  • wedges;
  • drill;
  • grinding machine.

And also for laying, you will need special adhesive compositions that need to be selected for a specific method of laying and rough flooring. Putties, varnish and waterproofing impregnation. In some cases, if there is increased humidity in the room and on the surface of the subfloor, a small amount of quartz sand may be required.

Types of laying parquet

Parquet dies can be laid in three ways:

  • glue (involves laying wooden lamellas on the floor surface covered with plywood and a thick layer of special glue, using this method of laying, the parquet will hold firmly and for a long time, its only drawback is the inability to carry out work in the room until the adhesive composition has completely dried);
  • floating (it is called “spike groove” in another way, it means fastening the lamellas into specially cut grooves, without fastening directly to the subfloor, the dies are tightly fastened together, forming a reliable surface of the floor covering, the method is good at the ability to disassemble part of the floor and reassemble it if necessary );
  • using fasteners (the method rarely used by specialists involves fixing dies to the surface of the subfloor with nails using a construction stapler, usually this option involves a substrate of moisture-proof plywood).

Builders for the most part choose the adhesive method, as it is reliable and durable. In addition, it is quite simple and does not require serious knowledge and skills.

Important! Choosing an adhesive base for laying lamellas should be strictly suitable for the material of the parquet. Do not take a composition that is more than half composed of water.

The choice of laying method depends only on the master making the floor in the room and his preferences, as well as the capabilities of the rough floor. All three methods give an excellent result, the cycled parquet looks very attractive and gives the room a special charm and comfort.

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