How to connect the joystick to android TV

There are cases when you need to connect the joystick to an Android TV. Connection methods may vary, depending on the types of devices. To connect joysticks from xbox and Wii, special applications are required. Let's find out what needs to be done.

Ways to connect the joystick to Android TV

Connection methods may vary depending on the type of console. The most common are Playstation 3, Xbox360. In most cases, the connection is as follows:

  1. We determine the type of device (wired or wireless).
  2. If we connect wired to a USB-connector.
  3. If wireless we use bluetooth. Android also needs the Sixaxis Controller program. Download it.
  4. Before downloading, you should use another program (Siaxix Compatibility Chrcker) to check the compatibility of the system and the connected device. To download it, you can use the Play Market.
  5. Now you need to download SixaxisPairToolSetup. Install it. We launch the application.
  6. Specify the address of the phone or tablet (can be found in the software settings).
  7. Push button
  8. We are waiting for the gamepad to become attached to the device.
  9. Now you can use the joystick.

If you connect via Micro USB, do the following:

  1. Check if the device supports Host Mode.
  2. Download the console emulator.
  3. We start the emulator. We connect the game module and set the necessary settings.
  4. Joystick for xbox is connected in the same way. But remember that if it is wireless, you cannot do without a receiver. A receiver is a device that connects to a USB port. Sold in the same stores as gamepads.

This method is suitable for most types of gamepads, and does not require other additional programs to work.

Connection problems

Some types of joysticks require additional programs, without which they will not work. For example, a Wii controller requires a special Wiimote Controller application. Without it, the joystick will not work. You will also need to make additional settings in the menu of this application.

If the gamepad is wireless, you need to buy a receiver. Without it, you can’t start the TV.

In some Android models there are no bluetooth. Such devices are rare, but still found. Try using wifi.

Do not forget that a driver is required for any gamepad. It should be bundled with a gamepad (on disk). If it is not, download from the Internet and install.


If we have a Wii gamepad, do the following:

  1. You need to download and install Wiimote Controller.
  2. Now run the application.
  3. Click Init and Connect.
  4. On the joystick, you must simultaneously hold down buttons 1 and 2.
  5. We wait until the program detects a gamepad.
  6. Once detected, check the box next to the Wii Controller IME.

If the joystick still doesn’t work, try updating the drivers, maybe they are out of date. Reboot device.

To install joysticks on android, only additional applications are needed. You do not need to buy a new device or additional devices. The main thing is that the gamepad is compatible with the system and properly configured.

Watch the video: Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller for Android TV by Motionjoy (December 2019).


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