Is it possible to use a microwave if the enamel has peeled off inside

Warming up food once again, did you hear a crack? After turning off the device, did you see that enamel was chipped inside? Such situations often frighten microwave users. This article will help you figure out what is cracking there, how to fix it before the stove lights up, and how to act to prevent this from happening.

Enamel in the microwave not only serves as an aesthetic surface. In addition to its external properties, it is a protection against various bacteria for heated food and saves the body from wear, pollution or elemental breakdown.

When the enamel is chipped, the "iron box" is exposed. It would seem okay. The problem is that unprotected metal can begin to corrode. If this process is aggravated, then a hole will appear due to rust, and fire may pass through. As a result, the device may catch fire or simply fail.

Important! Through a rusted hole in enamel, a stream of fire can escape.

Among other things, the mere presence of a metal surface (object) inside threatens the possibility of an explosion. Metal is a shield for microwaves and has excellent electrical conductivity. The latter circumstance just determines the redistribution of currents on it, which, if there is an electromagnetic field around it, leads to breakdown.

Advice! Do not use metal objects to heat food in the microwave.

Can I use a microwave if the paint is cracked inside

Of course, if you have already warmed up lunch, and then only noticed that the surface of the inner chamber is damaged, you do not need to throw it out. From the penetration of high-frequency waves, the products are reliably protected by a metal casing. If the metal has not rusted, and only the integrity of the enamel is broken, this is not dangerous. But it is better to refuse further use of the device in this state.

The fact is that during cooking, a certain amount of steam is formed inside the microwave in any case. Iron interacts with moisture and begins to corrode. Therefore, at a certain point in the place where there was only a small chip of paint, a hole may appear due to rust. Just through this hole, radiation will penetrate the chamber itself. Moreover, this situation also threatens that due to the high temperature of the internal spiral without proper protection, the device may even catch fire.

Important! In the presence of enamel chips, a hole in the metal may appear in this place, which can even lead to the ignition of the microwave.

Still, it is not necessary to throw out the microwave when a defect is found and run to the store for a new one. Nitro-paint or any other enamel can save the situation., the safest for use in everyday life (the degree of safety is usually indicated on the spray can).

The problems described above arise in the event of improper maintenance of the kitchen accessory.

Enamel will not last long, if:

  • the oven is not wiped after each use (the remaining drops of fat and crumbs, as a rule, dry "tightly" to the surface, and this leads to its deformation);
  • the device turns on when the inner chamber is not sufficiently dried after cleaning (increased humidity, especially at high temperatures, contributes to thinning of enamel);
  • warmed food is not covered with a special lid (thick fat, which is sprayed during the process, can lead to electrical breakdown in it);
  • cleaning the microwave is carried out by means not intended for it (in the presence of abrasive particles in the paint becomes porous and quickly erases).

How to avoid all this? Let's get it right.

First you need to understand that when working with the device Do not use metal or tightly sealed utensils.. Metal can spark and completely damage the furnace. And under a tightly closed lid, a lot of pressure forms (as in products with a hard shell or peel, for example, in eggs), due to which an explosion can occur.

Important! When heating food, do not close the lid tightly.

Wipe the inner surface after each use. Preferably with a dry cloth. If there are sticky crumbs, you can use a damp cloth, but still try to do without excess moisture.

Important! Keep water and cleaning liquids out of the ventilation holes!

For cleaning the microwave oven, use only cleaners that do not contain abrasive particles. The presence of these thinns the enamel and leads to its scratches and chips.

Summarize. Damage to the enamel is a signal that the microwave oven needs repair, but does not affect the quality of the food cooked in it. If the paint chips are too large or rust is already visible on the exposed metal, it is better to replace the device with a new one.

Watch the video: How to repaint inside your microwave - fix interior rust and peeling (December 2019).


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