What is the anode for a water heater for?

In almost every water tank there is such an important detail as a magnesium anode. Owners of equipment most often learn about its presence in the device if it is necessary to clean the tank from the accumulated scale and rust in it. However, not all of them understand why a magnesium anode is needed and what its real purpose is. This must be understood, as this part is to one degree or another responsible for the correct operation of the entire device.

What is it for, what is it

The magnesium anode is a special rod, which is made of stainless steel, being additionally coated on top with a layer of magnesium alloy. The fixation of this element in the inner part of the tanks occurs mainly in a threaded manner.

As a rule, companies use stainless steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, to produce water tanks. When the temperature of the water rises in such containers, oxygen appears in them. It is able to interact with the steel elements of the tank, due to which the process of formation of oxides is started. So that they can not adversely affect the tank and a magnesium anode is used. It is able to significantly extend the period of use of the entire device.

Note! The magnesium anode is used to protect the internal enamel of containers, extending their life.

Constant changes in water temperature cause the tanks to wear out significantly. Cracks may appear in them, which in turn triggers the oxidation process. The magnesium anode copes well with this problem, preventing it to one degree or another.

Why magnesium

Often, many owners of water heaters have a question related to why magnesium is applied to a steel rod to prevent accelerated corrosion. The need to use this material is due to factors such as:

  • magnesium does not have a very high potential;
  • magnesium has an affordable cost;
  • the use of magnesium is most effective.

Upon contact with magnesium, the salt formed in water does not disappear. Moreover, it simply accumulates on the surface of the rod. When its volume becomes too large, a fairly simple and quick replacement of the part is required.

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