How to sew a sofa with your own hands

Each house has a favorite sofa, where they gather as a whole family, receive guests or simply relax with a book over a cup of coffee or tea. This upholstered furniture, which is important in an apartment, becomes unusable over time, but owners often do not want to part with it. In this case, it is worth resorting to such a procedure as hauling furniture upholstery with your own hands - this is a simple and quick process. The sofa will gain a second life, will delight with its updated look and individual decor.

Advantages of DIY sofa upholstery

The high-quality and durable basis of the sofa is an aid in the process of lining - old Soviet or imported furniture is considered to be much better than the one that is currently being produced. The material can be chosen to your liking - the decor in any case will be individual.

When they begin to replace the casing at home, repair the frame or spring block of the sofa as necessary. By doing this work on their own, they save a significant amount of money, because buying new furniture will cost more.

Design choice

The decor of the sofa during lining will always be individual and depends only on the owner’s imagination, you can sew a new cover, make bright pillows, pillows or a wrap with a blanket of an original shape, color and design. Furniture will sparkle with new colors and give the interior exclusivity.

IMPORTANT! The constriction may be partial, for example, you will need to replace only some parts of the sofa with more colorful elements.

The currently popular patchwork technique from different pieces of fabric looks very nice. An application on any subject will also look unusual - it is glued to the upholstery.

You can drag furniture with faux leather or fashionable denim. Often choose leatherette, velor, faux fur on a solid base, jacquard, tapestry. If you need removable covers, then they are easy to sew from fabrics for clothes.

Necessary materials and tools

Before starting the lining, they choose the fabric: colors, with or without print, artificial or natural material. The stores have enough furniture, there is plenty to choose from.

Some tips on selecting fabric for the banner:

  • it is undesirable to buy artificial, rough and synthetic matter;
  • crumpled-looking material should not be purchased;
  • to reduce cash costs, you can prefer a canvas with a small print or plain material, as it is easier to cut;
  • To give softness to the upholstery and increase the comfort of the subsequent operation of the sofa, you can use foam rubber or synthetic winterizer.

IMPORTANT! The smell of upholstery should not be unpleasant.

Necessary materials and tools for work:

  • the cloth;
  • foam rubber;
  • edging for closing seams;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • zipper;
  • needles, sewing machine, threads;
  • hammer, screwdriver, anti-stapler, stapler, staples and scissors;
  • sewing chalk, glue.

How to sheathe a sofa - step-by-step instruction

Beginners in this matter often make mistakes that are worth the wasted money and time. The main problem is the wrong amount of upholstery fabric. It is annoying when expensive material was bought, but it is not enough and there is no such fabric in the store anymore. Therefore, you need to take seriously the calculations for the upholstery fabric and take with a small margin, let there be an extra piece, but the sofa will be pulled without problems and you can make a chair cover from the remaining fabric or just sew something. To determine the amount of material needed, add the length and width of the furniture and multiply the resulting amount by 2. It is more difficult to determine the amount of canvas for lining of corner sofas, since their shape is non-standard.

For a trouble-free hauling, you need to purchase a high-quality stapler and durable staples, this option is better than driving nails into a new upholstery and it will look neater.

For upholstery, it is not recommended to choose synthetics. If you purchased a striped or large canvas, then it must be cut in the same direction, so the cost of the fabric increases. Always take into account additional allowances for seams. The ideal option is to purchase a fabric with a large margin of about one meter. If the sofa filler also changes, then a synthetic winterizer or foam rubber is chosen for stuffing. Acquire a foam rubber with a thickness of 25 mm and lay between the layers of felt. In furniture there are parts that need to be tightly packed with foam rubber and this can cause difficulties in work. In this case, the foam is wrapped in a synthetic winterizer, attached to a sofa and wrapped with upholstery.

IMPORTANT! Foam rubber must be porous and of good quality, otherwise during operation it will quickly settle and lose its properties.

The procedure for covering the sofa itself is simple, if you are guided by some tips:

  1. Before the upholstery begins, the furniture is dismantled, the details are marked, so that then everything can be put back correctly.
  2. First, the sidewalls and the back of the furniture are removed, the staples are disconnected with an anti-stapler.
  3. The old upholstery is removed, as this is the future stencil for the new.
  4. Replace foam rubber, springs or other parts to be updated.
  5. Using the removed upholstery, a stencil is drawn with chalk on a new fabric with a margin of 5 centimeters and all the details are cut out.
  6. Details are stitched on a sewing machine.
  7. Pull a new cloth on the sofa and fasten with brackets, in some places the fabric is put on glue for strength.

After all the work with stuffing and covering the sofa, they begin to decorate it. Bright furniture with prints or removable covers of various colors add to the updated furniture. Now you can do these attributes with your own hands or just go to the store and buy what you liked. Moreover, the choice today is huge: there are water-repellent covers, with a protective coating from pets, and indeed there are many options and models. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself or if you don’t have the necessary skills, you just need to cover the sofa with a beautiful blanket.

IMPORTANT! Pulling pillows on your own is quite difficult and time-consuming, it is easier to go to a specialized workshop - this can save time and money.

Sofa upholstery is a rather fascinating and interesting process, during which you can realize your imagination and transform the interior. If you do everything according to the rules, then the original furniture will appear at home, which will last a few more years and will delight the household with its appearance.

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