How to disassemble a corner sofa

The corner sofa in the house looks stylish, brings cosiness to the atmosphere of the house. Sometimes it becomes necessary to move it to another place or to transport it. How to disassemble the sofa correctly?

The corner has large dimensions, but for convenient movement it is made of blocks. Before disassembling, it is necessary to free the room in which it is located for comfortable work. Remove pillows and a cover, if any, from the sofa. If a permutation is conceived, it is enough to simply disconnect the blocks, move them to the right place and reconnect. As a rule, the blocks are connected by fasteners, for separation it is necessary to raise the block to the top, but sometimes the blocks are connected with bolts, in which case you can not do without tools. If transportation of this piece of furniture is necessary, stock up on tools and find a disassembly diagram.

Necessary tools

To disassemble the corner sofa you will need:

  1. Screwdriver (preferably several, depending on the type, flat and cross).
  2. Pliers (large and small).
  3. Wrenches (preferably a complete set for disassembling the mount)
  4. The stapler is furniture (sometimes the fastener is hidden under the rear upholstery, it will have to be unfastened and reattached).
  5. Screwdriver (with a set of bits).
  6. Level (if it is necessary to fix roller guides).
  7. Packaging material (dense polyethylene, large and small bags).
  8. Scotch.

We disassemble the sofa for transportation correctly

Before transporting furniture, you need to stock up on packing material, it can be strong polyethylene for large and bags for small parts. As already mentioned, remove everything that can be removed from the sofa without using tools, armrests, pillows, a cover, separate blocks. The corner block, as a rule, cannot be parsed.

Further disassembly depends on the type of furniture. Inside the structure is a mechanism. There are several types of mechanisms, they are different in design and operating principle, but this does not particularly affect disassembly. If there are side backs, they must be separated using a wrench or pliers. The fastener itself is located inside the part of the sofa with the back. It is enough just to unscrew the nut on the fastener bolt inside the block and separate the back, often there are two of such fasteners.

The main transformation mechanism can be hidden under the upholstery - it must be detached with a screwdriver. It is necessary to unscrew the mechanism from the walls of the furniture; for transportation, it is enough to disconnect only one side of the mechanism's fastening to the walls on both sides of the sofa. If you are afraid of damaging the furniture or the mechanism itself, it is better to turn to professionals, this can save time and sometimes money to buy a new sofa.

In rare cases, there is simply no mechanism, instead of it there is a roller system, due to which this design moves apart. In this case, it is necessary to expand the sofa and remove the roll-out part of the sofa from the roller guides. Then unscrew the roller guides and detach the stopper, if any, these can be pieces of dense fabric attached to the back of the withdrawable part.

In the additional unit of the sofa, there are departments for linen, such a unit is disassembled by lifting the seat and removing it from the hinges. Further fastenings with hinges and the back of the unit can be unscrewed.

All parts should be packed in separate bags and secured with tape on the parts of the sofa for which they were intended, so as not to subsequently confuse which parts to attach to. Dimensional elements should be packed in dense polyethylene or cardboard, to avoid damage during removal from home and further transportation. Sharp edges of parts, preferably wrapped in cloth.

An important point when transporting furniture is the exclusion of its free movement in the back of a car. To do this, secure it with a rope or stops. In order not to accidentally stain - spread the cardboard. Try to initially place the overall part in the vehicle body, and the sidewalls and blocks can be placed side by side as stops. It’s better to put pillows and other little things on top. For transportation, it is advisable to use freight transport, but in order to save money, you can transport it by your own car. To do this, you need a roof rack and a large lounge. The main part of the sofa can be fixed on top, before that it is advisable to pack it well, it is better to transport small parts in the cabin and in the rear trunk.

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