DIY cupboard

Not everyone can afford expensive furniture. However, it should be remembered that everyone is able to independently make this or that object. Do-it-yourself cabinet to the kitchen is no exception.

The whole process does not take much time. In addition, there is the opportunity to enjoy and show imagination. All the nuances and features of the process will be discussed in this article.

Do-it-yourself selection of a drawing for a kitchen cabinet

How to make a kitchen cabinet with your own hands? Before starting the action, it is advisable to prepare. This will help to cope with the work without difficulty.

It is recommended to pre-designate all sizes and understand what details are needed in the design. This can be achieved by creating a specific scheme. Its content will depend on personal preferences and the user.

So, for a small room, a compact, but roomy device is perfect. For owners of a large kitchen, you can design a large cabinet. Thus, relying on the drawing below, which is tested in practice, you can create a good product.

REFERENCE! When changing one parameter by several centimeters, others should be proportionally changed.

What materials can I make a cabinet

Do-it-yourself kitchen cabinets, drawings and photos of which are presented on the Internet in a wide access, can be made of different materials. We present a list of products that are most in demand among masters:

  • Chipboard and MDF;
  • Solid wood;
  • Multiplex;
  • Frosted or clear glass - for shelves. The main thing is strength;
  • Fiberboard - for the rear walls.

How to assemble a design, its decoration

Following the written algorithm in the exact sequence, you will get a solid and reliable construction:

  1. First you need to drill holes for the shelf holders in the sides of the product.
  2. Next, connect the elements: doors, sidewalls, the bottom of the structure.
  3. To attach the box, you first need to install the guides, and only then go to the shelf holders.
  4. Then you can mount the back plate, that is, attach it to an existing structure.
  5. And now there is the opportunity to proceed to the canopy of the doors and the regulation of the hinges.
  6. Depending on the model, the cabinet is equipped with either legs or corners for attaching it to the wall.
  7. It may be that the countertop is also included in the package. In this case, use the mount. This concludes the assembly process.
  8. Speaking of finishing, it is worth touching on the theme of decoupage. It is often used, therefore it is considered the most popular. For this, various pictures are applied with glue.

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