Yellow bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most beloved rooms of our housing. Therefore, in the design of this room, we strive to obtain the perfect appearance and comfort. In this case, special attention is paid to the color scheme. After all, with the help of color, you can give the room various features that significantly affect the appearance of the bedroom.

Interior features in yellow tones

Choosing this color for the design of a sleeping room, you need to be very careful, as it is rather capricious and wayward. At the same time, he is able to give the appearance of the room joy and warmth. But it is undesirable to use only it is necessary to supplement and dilute it with flowers companions. It will also be useful to get acquainted with the following characteristics:

  1. Universality. This is one of the primary colors, which, combined with others, gives new shades.
  2. For the human eye, this color is very pleasant, as it is subconsciously associated with the sun, warmth and comfort.
  3. Skillful use of it is able to visually increase the temperature in the room.

Variations of yellow shades in the design of the bedroom

The yellow palette is widely represented in various shades: ocher, lemon, banana, brass, pear, gold, sand, straw and saffron. And each of these colors is able to endow the room with peculiar features. Let us consider in more detail the effect of each type on the bedroom:

  • the pastel gamut (straw, sand, light yellow) will create an atmosphere of calm and reliability, especially if you add it with a beige color;
  • saffron and lemon tone increase the mood and add to the general mood of positive, but be careful, visually they reduce the room;
  • combining a bright yellow tone with a light variation, you can fill the bedroom with comfort and tenderness.

The gray-yellow bedroom looks stylish and cozy.

Combination with other tones.

As already mentioned above, it is undesirable to use only this color to design a room, it may result in a glut. It is better to dilute it with the following paints:

  1. The best companion able to balance the influence of any color is, of course, a white tone. In this option, it is better to choose a soft shade, sand or pastel colors that will look very advantageous on a white background. This variation will give the appearance of warmth and tenderness.
  2. The color of the flooring in blue and its use in decor elements (bedspread, curtains) will allow the walls to be painted in a rich dark yellow tone, and the ceiling should be painted in a pale yellow shade.
  3. To achieve a cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom, use a rich yellow-green combination. But keep in mind that this variation is only suitable for well-lit rooms.
  4. If you want to add rigor and laconicism to the interior, complete the design in yellow and white, with the addition of black lines.

The use of yellow in the design of a bedroom with a photo

To design a room in yellow, the following characteristics should be considered:

  1. Its filling with sunlight. If you use light colors, they will lighten a darkened room, whose windows face north. For a southern location, it is better to use bright, saturated colors.
  2. For rooms of elongated rooms, using the color of parallel walls in different tones of yellow, this drawback can be visually corrected.
  3. For the bedroom, the color course of the wall, which will have the head of the bed, with a brighter color, will be an effective move.
  4. If you made a mistake in the color scheme, then you can fix it with the help of compensating coloring of textiles or decor.

ATTENTION! When choosing a combination of colors, keep in mind that in different lighting conditions, the shade may have a different color. For example, when yellow walls are pasted over the walls of a room whose windows face north, visually they will change the color to a peach color.

Wall decoration

To decorate the walls of the bedroom in yellow, you can use wallpaper, decorative plaster or paint. The main thing is to withstand color matching and take into account the light saturation of the room. For the best result, you can use these techniques:

  • using yellow wallpaper with a floral pattern for wall decoration, complement the interior with textiles with a similar pattern;
  • Another good move is to alternate light stripes with dark ones - using this method you can distinguish a window zone and a doorway;
  • the surface of the wall looks good with decorative plaster (liquid wallpaper) in two colors;
  • when painting the walls in yellow, you can make them more original, if you use a color pattern applied using a stencil or texture roller;
  • a very fashionable option is to design a wall in the form of an aged surface - for this variation, you can use painting or wallpapering that simulates this type.

Furniture selection

For a more presentable type of room, use the following rules when selecting furniture:

  • the color of the decor should stand out against the general background - the best option would be to purchase a white headset;
  • the decor made of natural wood will look harmonious;
  • the use of wicker or forged furniture is allowed, if this is consistent with the style decision;
  • yellow color in furniture upholstery is not recommended to be used, since with this method the interior will turn out to be faceless.

Lighting and decor

When planning the lighting of a room, you need to start from its natural illumination:

  1. A room with a southern arrangement of windows does not require a large number of lamps. You can get by with a ceiling chandelier and a pair of floor lamps by the bed: table lamps, floor lamps or sconces.
  2. For rooms with windows facing the north side, additional light is required. In this variation, for ceiling lighting, you can use recessed lamps located around the perimeter, and add to the bedside lighting equally spaced floor lamps or hanging sconces.

When decorating a bedroom, the following points should be considered:

  1. Curtains for windows and bedspreads always choose a few tones darker or lighter than the general background of the room. Also suitable in white with a golden pattern.
  2. Do not save on decor. Such a coloring of the bedroom welcomes its large number. It can be paintings, figurines, textiles and vases.

The style of the yellow bedroom

The interior of the sleeping room is most often performed for young, energetic people or children, so the following styles are applied:

  1. Minimalism. This color fills the space with light, so the room should not be overloaded with objects.
  2. Romantic provence is achieved by diluting the plain background with plant motifs. Use an abundance of textiles for exposure of style: lamps with fabric lampshades, bedspreads, chair covers, curtains and so on.
  3. In the style of the French Empire, design a room in pale yellow, white and gold. To decorate the room, decorate the bed with a luxurious canopy made of delicate translucent fabric.

These recommendations will help to independently design a bedroom, making it cozy and stylish.

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