Can I clean the floor with a steam mop

High-quality parquet is an adornment of any house or apartment. However, unlike linoleum, it is quite demanding on proper care.

Can I clean the floor with a steam mop

Progress does not stand still and to replace ordinary buckets and lazy people, the steam version of the mop has come. Such devices are very convenient to use, perfectly cope even with severe pollution and greasy spots. If the house has small children and animals, then the steam version is almost indispensable. Due to the fact that the device washes the floor with high-temperature steam, in addition to cleaning, disinfection of the floor covering is also carried out. This eliminates the use of various chemicals.

There are several types of parquet. Only the water-resistant version can be washed with a steam mop.

IMPORTANT! Steam care is allowed if the parquet is laid on glue, all joints are sealed and the surface is not waxed.

The principle of operation of the mop itself is as follows:

  1. The device is equipped with a reservoir where water and detergents are poured.
  2. Using the mechanism of the fluid is heated to a certain temperature.
  3. The steam formed as a result of heating exits through special holes in the mop head.

REFERENCE! There are models of steam devices equipped with a steam temperature adjustment function. These mops are ideal for caring for parquet or laminate flooring.

Parquet requires careful maintenance. It must be protected from possible mechanical damage.

ATATTENTION! If fairly serious mechanical damage occurred on the parquet flooring, then the only sure way is to completely replace the damaged areas with new ones.

To avoid this kind of wear, you should put on special furniture or wheels made of soft rubber on furniture legs. Felt is also great. If you have pets, you should trim their nails in time.

ATTENTION! Carpet laid on top of a parquet or laminate does not save from damage. Tiny particles of dust and debris accumulate between the carpet and the floor, which begin to work like sandpaper.

Also, the parquet must be properly washed. This is done as follows:

  • the mop should not have any metal and protruding parts;
  • if cleaning is carried out using a vacuum cleaner, this must be done using special nozzles with a retractable pile;
  • Do not wash with an excessively damp cloth - excessive moisture can lead to bloating of the parquet floor and its subsequent deformation;
  • special detergents must be used as detergents - any products containing abrasive particles as well as dishwashing liquid are strictly prohibited for use;
  • when using a steam squeegee, make sure that the parquet is waterproof and the squeegee has a steam temperature adjustment mode.

With proper care, parquet flooring will please for many years.

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