What can be done from the old monitor

Computer technologies are developing so rapidly that the average layman does not keep pace with them. Yesterday, a new beautiful modern monitor is not relevant today. Replaced advanced models. Of course, you can sell this junk for cheap without gaining either profit or satisfaction. Or you can show imagination and, figuratively speaking, give a new life to the old monitor.

Two ways to make a TV out of an old monitor

A good TV receiver will come from a CRT or LCD screen. The main thing is that it be equipped with a VGA connector. Through it, video is transmitted from the receiver. There are two ways to implement your plan:

  1. Using the set-top box Smart TV.
  2. Using a TV tuner.

Let's consider both options in more detail.

Smart TV box

A simple and, most importantly, multifunctional method that provides the user with a lot of additional chips. The set-top box is connected to the monitor using the HDMI to VGA adapter. If the screen does not have an audio jack or built-in speakers, buy an adapter with a 3.5 mm output.

IMPORTANT! It will not work to implement Smart TV using the set-top box if there is no Internet connection in the house. The option will not work if you need to set up the TV in "extreme" conditions (for example, in the country).


  • support for additional features: access to YouTube and social networks;
  • great picture - monitors are equipped with better quality computer graphics than standard TVs.


  • does not work in the absence of internet in the house;
  • the high cost of smart consoles (can reach several tens of thousands of rubles);
  • you need to buy an additional adapter with audio output.

TV tuner

This is a full-fledged TV receiver, which is available in different variations. In our case, you need an independent console, which is connected to the display via a wired interface.

ATTENTION! When buying, choose a TV tuner equipped with a motherboard. To view digital channels, a model with additional DMI and VGA outputs is required.

The process of connecting the device is simple. All cables that come with the kit connects to the monitor. Also included is a remote control for comfortable operation.


  • ease of connection and installation - after connecting to wires, synchronization is automatic;
  • the presence of its own audio output - eliminates problems with sound;
  • portable design and compactness - the Internet does not need to work, the device can be taken to the country, which is especially true in the summer.


  • you have to pay for watching digital video;
  • To watch movies from removable media, you need to buy an additional adapter.

Smart mirror from the monitor

An old display can serve as a great mirror. But it will be much more interesting if you make it "smart." It can not only display the face, but also show the weather, photos, time and other information.

For this you will need a monitor, frame and Raspberry Pi single-board computer. The monitor is disassembled, a screen is removed from it, which is placed in a frame. Further, all this design is connected to the computer.

Private monitor

This device will help to hide from prying eyes what you do at the computer. Outsiders will see just a white screen. You can do anything with special glasses.

A private monitor is created using the old screen and polarizing film. A penknife, a screwdriver, and scissors are used as improvised tools.

Having fantasized, you can also make a large photo frame or lightbox out of an unnecessary display. You can use the old CRT screen as a wonderful flower pot, bedside table for newspapers, a house for a pet or an aquarium.

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