DIY yarn rug

Handmade things have always been valued and will never go out of style. Decorating your home or apartment to create even greater comfort is possible in a variety of ways. For example, make an original carpet to your taste yourself. Such a detail in the design will be not only useful, but also memorable.

How to make a carpet of yarn with your own hands

At first glance, this idea may seem quite complicated, but in fact it is not. Important, just get started. Use imagination and a little patience. After all, the product is worth it, it can easily replace an expensive carpet and decorate the interior of any room. And at a cost it will come out almost for free. Such a product is made from improvised materials. For example, the remaining yarn or unnecessary things, stones and threads. This list is very long. Consider several options for making a carpet.

What is required for this

Crochet netting and what you need:

  1. Yarn, preferably thick, to avoid gaps in the future product, and it will be soft and pleasant to the touch, knitted is perfect. Choose any color at your discretion.
  2. Hook No. 7 - 12 with a foot, depending on the yarn, if not, use the usual one.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Mesh for the base of the mat, with square cells and a dense base to avoid deformation. If you want to make a soft product, choose a silicone base.
  5. The ruler is needed to measure the grid of the required size.

Important! When making a carpet, consider where it will lie. In the bathroom, synthetic yarn is most suitable, in the bedroom, natural cotton or wool.

How much yarn is needed

For such a product always takes a different amount of materials. It depends on the thickness of the thread and how long you make the pile of the product. A large amount of yarn is needed. Depending on the size. About 10 skeins will be needed per meter per meter.

Carpet of yarn yourself: step by step instructions

Pre-harvest the yarn, you need to cut it into small pieces, then fold it in half and “as if” weave it into the net.

  • we pass the hook from top to bottom;
  • we pick up the yarn in the middle and pull through the loop;
  • securely fix the yarn;
  • knit the carpet as you like, vertically or horizontally;
  • optionally combine colors;
  • from the wrong side should be smooth without knots.

Attention! After completing the product, check the yarn, it should be well stretched up. If you make a carpet with a pattern, it will be clearer if the pile of yarn is shortened.

For a practical and noteworthy product from pompons you will need:

  • the yarn remaining after knitting, it can be of completely different thickness, color and composition, from wool to acrylic, preferably multi-colored;
  • scissors;
  • fine mesh for the base of the mat, with square cells;
  • a ruler is needed to measure the grid of the required size;
  • cardboard for pompons.

To make voluminous pompons, you need to cut two cardboard circles and make a hole in the middle. Thread prefabricated cardboard discs folded together. Next, cut the threads in half, push the cartons to the sides and gently draw the thread so as to pull the pompom in the middle and tie it.

For small pompons, you can use a regular fork or your fingers. In the same way, wrap two fingers or a fork, thread the thread in the middle and tighten it tightly. Do not cut the thread.

We procure the required number of balls, fluff them up and begin to make the carpet directly. We tie the pompons to the grid in the order that they were conceived or scattered.

Reference! Try to place the pompons denser so that the product is even more beautiful and effective. The wrong side of the product, if you did not fasten pompons on both sides, it is advisable to cover it with dense material for its greater service.

Knowing how to make pompons, you can make a product of the most unusual forms, from ordinary shapes to decorating animal images.

The thickness is chosen at will. Such a carpet can be put anywhere. We need any yarn and a regular hook, we select the thickness of the thread. To get a tight enough knit, you need to choose a large hook. The thread can be folded several times or knitted from several skeins at once.

We get so many loops so that the chain matches the length of the intended product. We knit in a circle in each loop, we introduce a hook into both walls of the loop.

Tied to the required width, then we knit in 3-5 rows. We do this by hooking below the number for the density of the edge of the mat. On such a carpet, then you can knit everything you want, any decor, you can fantasize as you want.

When knitting a carpet of yarn, always choose the right yarn. Tie a sample, wet it and see how much it changes in size and whether it deforms. And best of all, consult with sellers. Knitting takes a lot of time, but such beauty and uniqueness is worth it.

Watch the video: DIY Pom Pom Rug. Using My Hands (December 2019).


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