What is a jute carpet

Now carpet is becoming more popular than the usual carpet. However, carpet is produced on various bases, the qualities of which not everyone understands. Sellers can offer you a rubberized base, latex, felt, but in this material we will consider jute as the best option.

Jute Carpet Base

Many buyers who are going to purchase a carpet are not very versed in its structure. You need to understand that in such a floor covering there are several layers, the most important of which is the bottom, the base. To choose the right material for the base, you need to know the properties of each of them.

What is jute

Jute is a bast plant, in appearance it is very similar to willow, it is used as a textile fiber in production. This environmentally friendly material, quite dense and durable, is used not only in the manufacture of the basis for carpet, but as fiber for bags and ropes. This plant is grown mainly in Asia, and jute plantations are also common in Brazil. These regions are proven suppliers of a quality product that goes directly to production.

Many recommend choosing a jute base, because it does not cause any allergic reactions, holds the structure of the carpet well, and if used properly and properly maintained, it lasts quite a long time.

Why use for carpet

Jute base is considered the best option for people who value environmental friendliness and naturalness. If you take into account all the recommendations during the operation of such a carpet, the base will hold the structure for a rather long time. The material is quite durable and resistant to mechanical damage. However, you also need to be careful with him. For example, jute can not be exposed to moisture, because of which it can lose its natural shape, the carpet swells. Putrefactive and fungal processes can begin, mold will go, in general, it is not very pleasant, in such cases replacement of the coating is required.

The heat and noise insulating effect of this material is highly appreciated. But the most important advantage of jute is strength and durability. Typically, such a carpet is not purchased for domestic purposes, but rather for commercial purposes. For example, such a carpet is often laid in office rooms to create some comfort, while no one will fear that the coating will soon fail.

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