Keyboard SwiftKey or Gboard: what to choose

Keyboard SwiftKey or Gboard: what to choose? Both options are good.

SwiftKey Keyboard Features

The main difference between this keyboard is the presence of a large number of themes for changing the appearance.

  1. Depending on the topic, not only the volume of buttons changes from flat to volume, but also the color.
  2. In addition to those already available in the program, you will be able to download additional ones.
  3. The language is switched by holding the space and subsequent swipe on it. This sets her apart from her competitor from Googl.
  4. The keyboard has a large number of additional symbol keys, which are activated by pressing and holding the desired button. This approach is very convenient if you want to type non-text characters, for example, mathematical ones.

Both programs are quite similar in their functionality and have a good recommendation. They allow you to quickly type text only by sliding along the keys, predict the text, and they are stable. If the function to change the appearance is not the most important thing, then you can stop the choice on the software from Google. Well, if beauty is your everything, then SwiftKey is a great choice even for an esthete.

How to change them?

  1. Among the settings of the device you need to find "Advanced" or "Advanced Settings" - it depends on which firmware is installed.
  2. Select the item "Language and input."
  3. And then go to the "Current Keyboard" and from the proposed list we make a choice.
  4. If you wish, you can install from Google Play any other program of this kind.

What is a good keyboard Gboard

The program has the most standard look, which harmoniously looks in the system shell. The letter and character layout is switched using the button, which is located in the lower corner. Nearby you can find a switch of input languages. To quickly get the ability to enter numbers, you can simply hold down the buttons located in the upper letter row.

In favor of what to make a choice: SwiftKey or Gboard

The choice allows not only to diversify the software shell, but also to make the work of the entire system more convenient, meeting all the user's needs. Given that the functionality is quite similar, you have to choose only in terms of design. But here it is difficult to advise something, since everyone knows that it tastes and color ...

Watch the video: How To Change Swiftkey Keyboard To Google Keyboard (December 2019).


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