A new word in science - earpieces

Earpiece is a small device that is inserted into the ear and is used for hidden reception of speech. The device is installed in the ear canal, in form repeats it and imperceptibly to other people.

Earphones: what is it

Earpiece has a mini-receiver design, which is placed in the ear with a narrow end, and from the wide part it is equipped with a battery compartment. To get the device, on the end there is a fishing line, for which you need to catch and get it out of the ear. Work time can be up to 10 hours, subject to the model.

A smartphone is required to transmit the audio signal. The headset connects to it. Included is an induction loop in the form of a wire, which is worn on the neck or on the wrist.

Reference! To the loop was invisible, it must be hidden under a shirt or sweater. Also for communication in the kit is a microphone.

The advantages of earpieces

The advantages of this device are obvious:

  1. Low cost due to ease of manufacture.
  2. Complete invisibility.

The disadvantages include:

  1. An amplified signal requires a powerful magnetic field, so after using the equipment, severe pain in the head can occur.
  2. A pretty overall headset is noticeable on the body, respectively, for complete invisibility you need to dress stronger.

What is the danger of earpieces

The device touches only the edge of the eardrum. This as a result of prolonged interaction is the cause of its damage.

Attention! In addition, there are many questions about the ease of operation of the equipment, or rather, withdrawal from the ear.

Just the auditory canal is S-shaped. In the center of the passage is a narrowing. Foreign objects that fall into this narrowing can only be reached by a doctor. Moreover, this applies to sleek headphones.

People who suffer from chronic ear diseases, the use of this miniature device is strictly prohibited, as it can lead to an exacerbation of pathology and the further formation of pus in the ear. A close location of the equipment to the eardrum, with its defect, can lead to a headphone failure in the middle of the ear. In this case, medical intervention is required.

That is, such an indicator as "price-quality" during the selection of the earpiece has an important role. Saving once on the acquisition of this device, you can permanently lose your hearing.

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